12 Great Ways to Find Time to Write

Do you ever listen to those slice of life interviews with authors who make enough money off their writing to do a book a year, or a book every couple of years? They write for a couple of hours a day, and spend the rest of their time recharging, researching, reading other works, and generally living their lives. 

Nice work, if you can get it.

For the rest of us, we need to find time to write in the middle of a day that includes regular work, family commitments, time for errands and chores, a space for working out, and eight good hours to sleep each night. 

The truth is that most working writers struggle with finding time to write more than they do with anything else related to their writing career. We can’t wave a magic wand or rub a genie’s lamp and just give you that extra daily time, but we do have some basic advice to help you create that time you need. 

12 Techniques to Find an Hour a Day to Write