16 Simple Hacks to Boost Your Social Media Reach

The good news about writing in the 21st century is that publicity has become democratized. Instead of relying on large publishers, or hiring expensive publicity agents, we can go out on social media and toot the horn of our writing all by ourselves.

The bad news about writing in the 21st century is that using social media is its own skill, and it’s a skill that has nothing to do with writing well. If you took the time to become a social media marketing expert, it would take so much of your energy you’d have little time to write. And hiring a social media person is just as pricey as hiring  publicity agent the old-fashioned way.

Luckily, we can apply some 80/20 mojo to this. Focus on the simple hacks that can get you the most publicity and sales from the least effort, and leave the little details for other people. 

To that end, we’ve provided four hacks for each of the three major platforms. If you can implement them all, you’ll find your platform growing like it never has before. 

But First, Rule Number One

You might have noticed that we’re providing hacks for just three out of many dozens of social media options. That’s because if you tried to be active on everything, you’d never have time for anything else. Even trying all three of the platforms we mention here is too much, at least at first.

We recommend choosing two platforms, and doing them well, over spreading yourself too thin over lots of platforms. 

Facebook Hacks for Writers