22 Free Ways to Promote Your Book

Make no mistake: you will have to promote your books if you want to sell enough to quit your day job and become an international person of literary mystery. That investment can be time, or it can be money. Most successful authors invest plenty of both, but at the beginning of your literary career there’s often little money to spend.

Which brings us to our topic for today: effective ways to invest your time to sell more books. You may have heard of, or even tried, some of the ideas on this list. But we’re confident you haven’t done them all. Check ‘em out. 

A Word of Warning

None of these ideas will work as well as they can if you don’t already have a reader funnel in place. A reader funnel is a system where you get the contact information of potential readers, and send them through a journey toward becoming a loyal and enthusiastic reader of your work. 

We’ll go into detail on how to set up a great funnel in other articles, but for now just know this. You must have one to maximize the earning potential of every investment of your time we talk about here. Not doing so is leaving money on the table.

22 Free Book Promotion Tactics For Fun and Profit