The 5-Minute Miracle to Double Your Business

In this Author's Quick Course, Kristen is going to teach us how to identify our worst time suckers, the tools and goals we need to overcome them, and how to use them to generate next level profits. There are 3 modules:

  1. Session 1: Time Sucks
    • How to identify your worst time suckers… and transform them into profit.
    • How to beat the top 3 time suckers for good!
    • What kind of scheduler are you?
    • How to WANT to do the “work.”
  2. Session 2: Tools and Goals
    • Super cool helpful tools… to lower stress.
    • The 2 most powerful methods to get more done in less time.
    • How to combat “stuckness.”
    • Make your goals profitable…
  3. Session 3: Next Level Profits
    • How to get others to help you rather than hinder your progress.
    • 1,440…
    • The “Sacred Me Time” strategy…
    • My 5-Minute Formula…
    • And so much more!