Training #313 – Amazon Advertising in 2020

In this training, we talk about one of the very best ways to promote your book, no matter what type of book you are publishing.

It allows you to not just promote your book, but also to generate sales and royalties, drive your book to the top of the best sellers list, and to keep them there for months or even years to come.

We're talking about the Amazon Advertising program. And believe me, if you're not taking advantage of this profitable platform in your own Amazon publishing business, frankly, you're leaving quite a bit of sales and money on the table.

I know that some of our own ads are seeing as much as 200, 300, 400% ROI. That means that for every dollar that we spend on ads, for example, we're seeing two or three or $4 in return. Not too bad.

But how do you get started if you're brand new to this platform and you've never set up ads before? Maybe you're scared of spending any money to promote your books. Well, this training is going to walk you through how to get started and will demonstrate how quickly you can set up your first ads. We have also included a glossary of the common terms that you will find while navigating the Amazon Advertising interface, a spreadsheet template to help you track your numbers and make sense of them (especially since Amazon's reporting isn't very accurate, which you can verify by just asking their own support people!), and as usual we've included a full transcript and closed captions of the training.

We do recommend that you read along with the transcript as you watch the training, especially a second or third time through, as we tried to cover 3 or 4 hours of material in just 90 minutes and we moved fast. If we mention a term you aren't familiar with, then chances are good that you'll find it in the glossary, and if not you can click on the “Discuss this Training” link and ask us what it means and we'll get it defined and added for you.