Anthology Design Lab

In this course, we are going to cover how to research, source, create, publish, and sell Anthology Books!

There are 4 sessions in this training:

  1. Session 1: Research, Styles, Niches & More!
    • The key differences between standard books and anthology books.
    • Themes specific to anthology books.
    • What’s trending?
    • What to include inside your anthology book.
    • Basic anthology book structure…
  2. Session 2: Plan Your Anthology!
    • How to attract the perfect authors.
    • What to include in your Author Application.
    • Author management tricks, tips and solutions.
    • The easiest methods to find quality authors.
    • How to budget your anthology’s publication.
  3. Session 3: Compile & Publish Your Anthology!
    • Publishing models…specific for anthology books.
      • Pay to Play
      • Pay the authors
      • Contracts
    • The publishing process, step-by-step.
  4. Session 4: Set Up & Market Your Anthology!
    • Anthology project setup…DEMO.
    • How to handle author copies.
    • Promote Your Anthology: 101.
    • How to plan your Launch Party.
    • Crowd-funding basics…and why you might want it.
    • And, yep… a lot more!
  5. Bonus Sesssion: Creating the Book Cover! (demo)