The Ins & Outs of Author Central (2017)

Please Note: This training is from 2017, and has since been updated. Click here for the latest Introduction to Author Central training.

Author Central is a service offered by Amazon that allows you quite a few benefits over somebody who never ventures out of their KDP dashboard.

One of the most obvious benefits is that it allows you to reach more readers by creating an Author Bio Page and enhancing your sales pages, as well as giving you the ability to add photos and videos your to pages and to populate an author blog. You can even use it to schedule author tour events.

You can also use Author Central to track your sales by geography or by using Nielson Book Scan data, as well as keeping tabs on your book's sales rank and your overall author rank. In your KDP Dashboard, you can only look at unit sales and page reads (if your book is in KDP Select.)

Author Central also gives you access to managing multiple pen names, and can offer a less crowded method for contacting Amazon Support than by trying to wait in the queue from KDP along with every other author and publisher on Amazon.

In this training, we'll walk through, in step-by-step videos, how to access every aspect of Author Central:

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