Blogging for Authors

In this Authorpreneur Mastery Course, Kristen talks all about author blogging, and how to create your own blog.

This course is broken into 4 sessions, covering:

  1. Session 1: Blogging Foundations (Getting Started, Blogging Styles & More!)
    • Your blog site’s purpose…
    • How to target the perfect audience through your blog.
    • Key features to make your blog site stand out.
    • Blog or Vlog? Does it even matter?
    • How to never lack for post ideas.
  2. Session 2: Increase Your Blog Exposure (Profit-boosting tactics!)
    • How to turn your love of writing into a cash-cow profit machine.
    • Blog monetization methods.
    • Guest vs. Freelance…
    • How to get paid to write for others’ blogs.
  3. Session 3: Let’s Get Technical (Themes, Plugins, Security & More!)
    • The best WordPress themes…and why.
    • Top must-have plugins for ease-of-use and security.
    • Top “might want these” plugins to make your blog site easy to navigate and beautiful.
    • How to customize your blog’s theme. (DEMO)
    • Adding pages, posts, the best structure, oh my! (DEMO)
  4. Session 4: Traffic & Marketing (Income-generating blog strategies!)
    • How to get traffic to your blog…
    • What exactly consumers are looking for…and how to target your site to meet their deepest wants.
    • The two types of traffic…and how to shift them to you.
    • The one type of traffic to avoid at all costs.
    • Genre-specific break down!
    • And more!
  5. Plus these bonus tech trainings:
    • How to manually install WordPress on cPanel (most secure method)
    • How to use a one-click installer (relatively) securely
    • How to install on WPEngine
    • How to upload a theme