Board Book Design Lab

In this course, we are going to cover how to write, illustrate, produce, and sell Board Books.

There are 4 sessions in this training:

  1. Session 1: Niches, Styles, Elements & More!
    • The key differences between standard kids’ books and board books.
    • Themes specific to board books.
    • What’s trending? Why it’s important to notice.
    • What to include inside your board book.
    • Basic board book structure
  2. Session 2: Write Your Board Book!
    • How to write a simple story.
    • How to simplify an existing story.
    • Watch a board book story get written live.
    • Watch an existing story get simplified live.
  3. Session 3: Illustrate and Design Your Board Book!
    • How to find artwork.
    • Step-by-step cover design.
    • Step-by-step interior layout.
    • A live demonstration.
  4. Session 4: Publish and Sell Your Board Book!
    • The interesting twist to publishing board books.
    • Printing methods.
    • How to handle distribution (and inventory, if necessary).
    • Crowd-funding basics, and why you might want it.
    • Marketing Board Books 101