Book Branding for Authors

On our Hot Seat sessions, we talk a lot about how to make sure an individual book fits into your genre expectations and tells the reader exactly what to expect when they buy your book, but what do you do when you have more than one book?

How do you tie your books together, either as an author or within individual series?

The answer is through Branding, and in this training, Blaine will walk you through over two dozen examples of series covers and how the authors have tied those covers together to make it easier for their readers to find them.

The examples used include children's books, young adult, horror, non-fiction, science fiction, fantasy, thriller, and general fiction. We also talk about pen names and branding books together as an author versus only through a series.

Author Profiles:

Want to see how the example authors books look amongst all of their back catalog? Here are links to the bio pages for the authors that were mentioned in this training.
Stephanie Meyer
David Wright
Michael Christopher Carter
J.K. Rowling
Suzanne Collins
Jeff Kinney
Chris Van Dusen
Caimh McDonnell
Joanna Penn (non-fiction pen name)
J.F. Penn (fiction pen name)
Mark Dawson
Chris Fox (fiction & non-fiction)
Christopher Fox (unrelated to Chris Fox)
Johnny Truant (non-fiction pen name)
Johnny B. Truant (fiction pen name)
Clarice Lispector
Oliver Sacks