How to Design a Book Cover That Sells

In this Author's Quick Course, Kristen is going to describe how to create a book cover that sells. There are 3 modules:

  1. Session 1: Cover Design Essentials
    • Fonts: What to use and how to use them
    • Color Theory: How to make your cover design work
    • Images: Where to get them and how to use them
  2. Session 2: Advanced Cover Design
    • The difference between Kindle and Print
    • Front Cover vs Back Cover
    • Making your title stand out
    • Working with a Book Series Title
    • Handling printer specifications
    • Working with a professional book designer
  3. Session 3: Software Demos
    • Canva (Kindle)
    • Photoshop (Kindle & Print)
    • InDesign (Kindle & Print)
    • SumoPaint (Kindle)
    • Pixlr (supplemental software for background images)