How to Calculate Read-Through (and why it matters!)

Recently, I tried a free book giveaway through Amazon’s KDP Select service, giving the first volume in a series away for the course of a weekend. That resulted in a few free books given away, but around noon on the second day I got to watch something cool happen.

12:00 I checked my reports and I’d sold a copy of volume 2 from the series. At 12:45, I’d sold a copy of volume 3 (they’re short books). By 1:30, volume 4 sold and by the end of the day I’d sold at least one copy of every volume in the series.

I like to imagine one person, sitting there on a Sunday afternoon, just tearing through the series one after another. It’s one of the reasons writing a series makes such good business sense for authors like you and me.

That concept is called “Read Through” and it’s what we’re talking about today.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio