Authors Guide to Copyright

We get a lot of questions about various legal matters relating to being an author or a publisher, so we are starting a new series on legal matters for authors.

In this training, we cover how copyright works, as well as the current state of copyright as it relates to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Because we covered a lot of ground, here are some of the maine topics in this training. You can skip right into each topic by clicking on the one that you are interested in:

  • What is copyright?
  • 📚 Types of works that are protected
  • 📚 What is an original work?
  • 📚 What rights does a copyright give you?
  • 📚 How does copyright apply to your work?
  • 📚 Examples of copyright notices in a book
  • 📚 Registering a copyright
  • 📚 Using other people's copyrighted work
  • 📚 What constitutes fair use?
  • 📚 Copyright, humans, and selling your work
  • 📚 Examples of ideas (not copyrightable) and expression (copyrightable)
  • 📚 What to do if somebody else is selling your book?
  • Copyright for Artificial Intelligence
  • 📚 Does A.I.-created work infringe on creator's copyrights?
  • 📚 Copyright and A.I. are treated differently across national borders
  • 📚 How will the copyright office know if you use A.I. to generate your work?
  • 📚 How does AI training impact us as authors?
  • 📚 If I create a story with AI, can I give it away as a lead magnet?
  • 📚 “Safe” AI models versus “Risky” AI models
  • 📚 Does ChatGPT keep my data private or share it with other users?

Training #475