Training #499 – Creating Books in Canva

Canva is an online graphic design program that is simple to use without any technical knowledge. Its primary mission is to simplify creation of marketing materials, but with a little know how and some quick tips, it can be used to create larger projects such as books.

Today, Erin is going to walk you through specifically how to design picture books using Canva.

As an added bonus, we had had a couple of technical issues during the live training, so Erin actually went in and recorded some additional content for this replay page.

Some of the topics she'll cover include:

  • The basics of setting up a book in a Canva project
  • Working with text, illustrations, fonts, and elements
  • The licensing model that Canva uses for their fonts and elements
  • Working with illustrations for your ebook interiors
  • Creating covers for your paperbacks, including the spine and back cover
  • Some cool featuers available in Canva, as well as a brief talk on the differences between the online and desktop versions
  • The Free vs Pro plans and why Erin has purchased a pro plan