Creative Ways Authors Use Images for Social Media Marketing

If you’re not using images to promote your work on social media, you are leaving money on the table and readers without your books in their hands. 

This seems unfair. Writing is about words, about how you can tame and wrangle the individual elements of the language until they do your bidding and touch the hearts of others from half a world away. That’s true, too. Writing is about words. But selling your writing is about a whole lot more. Images are part of that whole lot more. 

On Instagram, for example, photos get 36% more engagement than video content of similar topics. On Facebook it’s even more startling: images get 230% more engagement than posts with just text alone. Even those posts where they put big words on a colorful background like a quick-fis meme. 

But it’s not enough to just post a photo. You need to post an attention-grabbing photo that’s relevant to you, your passions, and your work. Get creative to stand out as much as possible. Here are nine great ways other authors have found success by doing exactly that.