Expert Media Show: Book Publishing Q&A

In this Expert Media Show episode, Tony answers a number of questions and covers a number of topics, including:

  • A fun Author Central strategy
  • Getting your book listed in appropriate categories for Kindle
  • Printing booklets
  • Pen names and Author Central accounts
  • InDesign page sizes and using the interior reviewer in KDP Print (formerly CreateSpace)
  • Converting your book to MOBI before uploading to KDP
  • Different image sizes between print and Kindle
  • Kindle Singles and Author Central
  • Kindle Matchbook
  • Publishing through Lightning Source (Ingram Spark) and Kindle and CreateSpace (now KDP Print)
  • Using 3D book covers
  • Preferred paper weights
  • Making an income from your writing
  • KDP Select 90-day exclusivity requirements across your catalog
  • Having multiple KDP accounts and additional perks publishers receive
  • What ePub files are
  • Fixing errors in your digital book files
  • Formatting your book's source documents for both print and digital
  • Taking photographs at night
  • Adding lines into a workbook
  • The cost of an Author Central page
  • Using stock images for author photos for pen names
  • Separating content through pen names versus through KDP accounts
  • Removing page numbers but keeping the table of contents for Kindle books