How to Make More Profits From Existing Books

Do you know what’s better than selling one book on Amazon and elsewhere across the web? Selling two books on Amazon and elsewhere across the web. Having multiple books carries a lot of advantages, including but not limited to…

  • Developing multiple streams of income, each generating sales every month
  • Taking advantage of search algorithms that prefer authors with multiple entries
  • The ability to give away one book to tempt people to buy other books in your catalog
  • Longer “works published” lists for your publicity
  • Greater flexibility and reach

And it gets even better at three books, four books, five books, and more. The trouble is, writing a book takes time, effort, focus, and even money. What if you have one book written, but lack enough of those things to write a second right away?

Don’t worry. You can get most of the benefits above by creating multiple editions of that book. It’s not as powerful as having two separate books, but it’s much better than having just the one. We’ll talk here about the best ways to do that, starting with…