Your Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Facebook Author Page

A Facebook Author Page can be a powerful tool in selling your books and growing your reputation as an author. It’s less personal than your regular profile, so more people are willing to follow it. It lets you curate posts so fans see only the parts of you that you want them to. It gives you access to promotion and marketing tools unavailable to your groups and personal profile. Maybe most important, it doesn’t have that 5,000 person limit for your Facebook friends.

It has real potential…if you use it right. If you don’t, it’s just duplicated effort you could instead be using to write and sell more books. Here’s how to use it right. 

It Starts With the Algorithm

Facebook shows your posts to your friends, fans, and followers according to a specific algorithm. It can’t show you everything all of your friends post, because your feed would become too flooded to be of any use to anybody. Instead, Facebook AI chooses what to send you based on three factors:

  • Engagement: are people liking, commenting, clicking links, and sharing the post already?
  • Source: does the person, or people who know that person, already engage often with posts by you?
  • Age: how long has the post been up (the longer, the lower the score).

Everything you can do to serve these three things will drive better performance for your Facebook author page. Anything you post that doesn’t serve them is wasted time. 

Got it? Good. Let’s look at how to serve the algorithms and sell some books!

Facebook Author Page Best Practices

Image by 200 Degrees.