Facebook Marketing Secrets

In this Authorpreneur Mastery Course, Kristen talks all about Facebook marketing, from the basics to more advanced topics.

This course is broken into 4 sessions, covering:

  1. Session 1: Facebook Basics (Getting Started, Security, Graphics and More!)
    • Facebook profile essentials… business or personal?
    • Security: How to not get hacked… protecting your family online.
    • Facebook (social media) best practices.
    • Create your awesome cover photo, viral infographics, quotables, etc. (DEMO)
  2. Session 2: Pages vs. Groups (Guidelines and Best Practices)
    • The what, when and why of Facebook Groups.
    • The what, when and why of Facebook Pages.
    • How often should you post? What do you do so a post doesn’t get “lost?”
    • How to use Groups to search, ask questions, create polls and ask for help. (DEMO)
    • Pre-scheduled vs. organic posts… which one when?
  3. Session 3: Advanced Marketing Strategies (From Reviews to Time Management… & More!)
    • Cross-linking and when it becomes spam.
    • How to use Facebook to get beta readers and reviews.
    • Key essentials to build your tribe.
    • How to link Facebook to other social media.
    • Promoted posts and when to use them.
    • How to not let Facebook suck your life away.
    • And much more!