Finish The Book!

The goal of this program is for you to be so clear on your direction, focus, and content that you're putting into your book that by the time you near the “finish line” of the program, you're able to write nonstop and actually get the book 100% onto paper.

Finish the Book!

Kind of like how Kristen was able to turn her content into a book in 3½ days. She had all of her research in order, all of her notes written, and a pile of research books with her. She
spent four days uninterrupted by anything – phone, email, family, friends, etc. All she did was write and eat. She was focused and knew where she was headed, so she was able to get all the content down on paper. And she wasn't a perfectionistic about it either! She spent the next six weeks going through her manuscript line by line with her writing coach to make it even better. Then it went to the editor to get the final bits cleaned up. But the important thing is, in less than a month and a half, she had a completed manuscript fully edited ready to go into production.

Later she used the same techniques in this course to write a business credibility book in four hours, and another in six hours.

The biggest problem writers face is focus. You have so many great ideas, and sometimes new characters or topics pop into your head and won't go away until you write them down. But instead of just writing them down, filing them away, and forgetting about them, you feel you have to start a whole other book, ignoring the book you were working on.

Kristen should know; she has two fiction series' partially outlined, a sci-fi novel over halfway finished, and at least 14 more non-fiction books in her head. The trick is to narrow the focus to one project and be OK with yourself that the other projects aren't going to get done until the first one is done. Even if the others might be better, getting one completed goes a long way toward your confidence to complete another.

And it's the only way books actually get published.