How to Generate Thousands of Book Sales in 48 Hours Using BookBub

BookBub is a powerhouse book promotion service that offers authors the chance to get their work in front of hundreds of thousands, even millions, of new eyes.It’s a newsletter that tells avid readers about opportunities to get free or discounted books, and can result in thousands of sales. Some of those sales even become fans, who buy the rest of your work at full price.

The process of getting that sales boost via BookBub, and making the most of it, takes place in three steps:

Final Thoughts

Even your first book can make you profit on BookBub, but as mentioned above they’re known to prefer series…and a series means more potential for up-front additional sales. Because of that, we recommend BookBub most strongly for authors with at least three books available on Amazon.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start earlier, though. BookBub’s notoriously competitive qualifications mean many authors wait months or years for approval…which means you might have multiple books out even if you do start with just one online.

If you'd like to walk through exactly how to submit for a BookBub Featured Deal, be sure to watch our dedicated training on the subject.