How to Determine Image Sizes for an 8.5″x8.5″ Children’s Book with a 2-Page Spread

One question that we get fairly frequently is how to determine what size our images should be.

We had a full training recently on image optimization and I am going to assume that you have already watched it before continuing any further here.

In that training, we go over the basic terms that you'll want to understand and how to determine the image sizes you need. We also cover where you should or should not have anything important appearing in your images.

You should be able to take any dimension images, and tell your designer exactly:

  • What size image you want…
  • Where any important elements should appear…
  • What you are optimizing for both print and digital while accounting for bleeds, margins, and spine folds…

A common print format for an edge-to-edge fully illustrated children's book is 8.5″x8.5″ with a dual-page layout. That would be a square page where the left (even numbered) and right (odd numbered) pages extend across both pages.

Print Dimensions

So, here are some relevant numbers to be aware of: