Training #357 – Book Image Optimization

One topic we are frequently asked about is how to manage images in our books.

What size should they be? What resolution? What's a bleed? How do I reduce the file sizes? Why does my book cost so much to deliver, and why can't I set the price to 99¢?

In this training, Blaine covers image optimization from end to end, defining relevant terms, comparing the differences between print and digital, analyzing what size images you need (and what resolution those images should be), and different methods for editing your images to optimize their file size so that you don't have to pay any more in delivery fees than is absolutely necessary.

There's even a live demonstration where we cut the image size down from 1138.7kb in the print version to 40.8kb to include in an ebook version, a savings of over 96.4% on the file size of a single image!