Inspiration Book Design Lab

In this Book Design Lab, Kristen is going to inspirational books; what they are, what formats they are in, and how to make them. There are 3 modules:

  1. Session 1: Niches, Styles, Elements, and More!
    • What is an “inspiration book?”
    • Themes specific to inspiration-style books.
    • What’s trending? Why it’s important to notice…
    • What to include inside your inspiration book.
    • Basic inspiration book structure…
  2. Session 2: DEMOs of inspiration books including:
    • Graphical quotes from the public domain
    • Gift book based on photos
    • Gift book based on humor/cartoons
    • 52-Week Devotional
  3. Session 3: Sell your inspiration book
    • Kristen's #1 secret to pumping out books fast.
    • How to speed up your inspiration book production…and exponentially increase your marketing reach.
    • How to get locals to buy your books.
    • How to get the attention of the affluent in your area.
    • How to go viral on social media…
    • And so much more!
  4. Bonus Q&A Training