Top Instagram Tips for Writers

Instagram is rapidly becoming the new Facebook, which we now know for certain because Facebook bought Instagram. There’s really very little more one needs to know about how social media is trending than what the most successful current programs obviously consider to be the up-and-coming competition.

You already know you need to be on Facebook because that’s where everybody is. Trying to sell your writing without being on Facebook is like trying to sell hot dogs from a cart on a lonely desert crossroads. Sure, some people will come by eventually and many of them will be really hungry…but you won’t be as successful as you would with the same hot dog cart in New York City.

That said, it’s not true that everybody is on Facebook. In fact, Instagram is increasingly the social media platform of choice for a few specific demographics. According to information collated by SproutSocial, Instagram is actually preferred by more urban viewers, and by users under 30 years of age. If your work is aimed at younger, less suburban readers, Instagram is a can’t-miss opportunity.

For everybody else, Instagram remains a solid candidate for your “other” social media platform. It’s the 6th most popular platform in the world, edging out Twitter and closing in on both YouTube and Facebook itself.

Either way, you should be “up on insta.” Like all other social media platforms, you need to be up on there the right way. The only thing worse than no social media presence is a bad or unprofessional one. Here, then, are our best dos and don’ts for authors on Instagram.

Dos and Dont’s For Authors on Instagram

DO Post Personal Pictures From Your Life as a Writer

The most important difference between social media marketing and 20th century marketing is it gives your followers a glimpse into your personal life. Simple fans might like your writing, but the real brand advocates like you. If you post photos from your life, it creates those initial connections. If you post images from your life as a writer it keeps your product (your books) in the fronts of your followers minds.

Some examples of the sort of photos you might post include: