Jay’s Best Book Funnels

We use these funnels all of the time and they have helped us add over 8,000 book buyers to our newsletter lists.

Amazon will never give you the names and emails of your buyers, so you need to have some way to capture the information for those people so that you can let them know about future promotions and new releases, allowing you to shoot up in the bestseller rankings and to gather reviews for your books.

In the videos below, I will walk you through these 2 funnels, and you can easily add them into your own ClickFunnels account just by clicking on the links at the bottom of this article. Don't have a ClickFunnels account? You can sign up for a free 14 day trial to play around with them as much as you want.

We cover the “Free Gift” book funnel, which lets you easily link to your signup form for your newsletter and then delivers your free gift automatically, and the “Free Digital Copy” funnel, which includes directions for how people can get a digital version of your books side-loaded onto their computer or ereader of choice. We also include the ever-popular “Free+Shipping” funnel, which lets you sell your book at cost to get it into people's hands.