How to Make an Hour For Writing in Even the Busiest Day

When we present in person at conferences, or in live web trainings, probably the biggest objection we hear from people who want to write is a single plaintive refrain:

“But I don’t have time to write!”

We get it. This is the century of what Tim Ferriss calls “time famine”. We’re all being pulled in too many directions, for too many hours every day. It’s reasonable to say you lack time to write. Thing is, being a successful writer is not a reasonable proposition. It requires unreasonable effort in the face of unreasonable odds to be successful. 

That doesn’t mean you won’t succeed. But it does mean you can’t if you keep believing you lack the time to write. In an hour, you can write a page. Do that every day, and you have 365 pages by the end of a year: a respectably-sized novel. 

So that leaves us with just one question: how do you find that hour? Let us count the ways.