Training #288 – Printing Physical Books

In this training we're going to dig deeper into the easiest way to double your Kindle royalties, which is to publish the very same book in print format!

KDP Print is a great do-it-yourself solution for self- and independent-publishers, but it isn't the only company that you can use to print your books.

In this presentation, we talk about what you need to know to be able to discuss printing and navigate the various printing company websites, provide a broad overview of some of the biggest print on demand companies that we recommend using, and then provide some direct comparisons between different features so you can choose the one that will be best for you.

Who should you use for a paperback book versus a hard cover? Where would you go for a board book or for a spiral binding instead of a case binding or perfect binding? How much money can you earn from sales of your book with KDP Print versus Ingram Spark or Draft2Digital versus Barnes & Noble?

Watch the training below, and then be sure to grab the slides which contain a link to all of the companies discussed today…