Planner Design Lab

In this course, we are going to cover how to research, design, publish, and sell Planner Books.

There are 4 sessions in this training:

  1. Session 1: Niches, Research, Basics & More!
    • The most popular planner styles on the market.
    • The exact elements to put inside your planner for the perfect, actionable book.
    • The importance of evergreen planners and how to make them sell any time of year.
    • Niche-specific ideas you can take straight to the bank.
    • Creating time-limited books… and more!
  2. Session 2: Planner Design…Step-by-Step!
    • How to design your Planner Cover in Photoshop.
    • A quick down-and-dirty Canva cover design demo.
    • How to lay out your planner interior in PowerPoint.
    • How to create calendars to insert into your planners.
  3. Session 3: Publishing Eseentials
    • The best technical specs for planners.
    • “Deal Maker” or “Deal Breaker” print options.
    • The best printers for planners… researched!
    • What you need to know about production timelines.
  4. Session 4: Sell Your Planner!
    • How to build your list and sell more planners.
    • Exponentially increase your planner sales with one easy-to-implement marketing tactic.
    • The best and fastest way to sell more planners across multiple niches.
    • And soooo much more!