Power Packed Pen Names

Have you ever considered what might be your perfect pseudonym? The best pen name that you could write under?

In this Authrepreneur Mastery Series, Kristen walks through Power-Packed Pen Names with a session on Pen Name Basics, and a session on Pen Name Marketing. We have also included a recent Q&A that Jay and Blaine did before one of our live trainings while waiting for that week's guest presenter to get setup:

Session 1, Pen Name Basics:

  • When and when not to use a pen name.
  • How to choose a pen name.
  • How to handle copyright with a pen name.
  • How to publish a pen name-written book.
  • Pen name branding… handling headshots, etc.
  • Social Media legalities… (How to stay within the TOS!)

Session 2, Pen Name Marketing:

  • The various approaches to publicity and marketing… and how to decide which one is right for you.
  • Guidelines for marketing online: social media, websites, etc.
  • How to use Amazon Author Central.
  • Physical marketing…
  • Transitioning from fake to real.
  • And… always… more!

Bonus Q&A, Pseudonyms:

  • How do I publish with a pen name separate from my already published name in my KDP account?
  • Can I have 2 Author Central accounts? Do I need additional Author Central accounts?
  • Can my 11-year-old daughter write books under my KDP account under a pen name?
  • Does my child have to wait until they are 18 to start publishing?