Promote Products Related to Your Book

One key to success in self-publishing is to not think of yourself just as a writer. You are a business owner. Smart business owners seek multiple streams of income for their companies. That’s why every karate school in the country has a pro shop selling t-shirts and sparring equipment, and why Harley Davidson puts their logo on everything from bandannas to ladies’ underwear.

You can apply this basic concept to your writing in a variety of ways, selling some of them directly via Amazon and others on your own webpage or through your newsletter. This benefits your writing income in two ways:

First, it lets you make more money off the same ideas by offering more ways to buy it, and more ways for fans to experience it.

Second, it creates multiple routes through which potential readers can find out about you and what you write. Some people will learn about what you write through the ancillary products, then go out and buy every word you publish.

It’s a strong strategy I honestly wish more authors would make happen. Sadly, I get a lot of pushback on this, with questions like the below:

But What Will I Sell?

The list of possibilities is impressively long. Here are just a few examples I have personally done, or seen sold successfully, by people publishing on Amazon.