How to Stay Focused & Motivated to Write, Publish, and Market Your Book

In this Author's Quick Course, Kristen is going to teach us how to design an environment that bridges creativity and logic while delving into mental health and practical solutions. There are 3 modules:

  1. Session 1:
    • Right, Left… What?
    • Dive deep into the right brain…
    • The differences between children and adults… and what adults have lost (and how to get it back).
    • How to design a creativity-generating environment.
    • Bridging the gap between creativity and logic.
  2. Session 2:
    • Why is mental health important? Besides the obvious…
    • Food! (My favorite subject… YES I will talk about chocolate!)
    • “Essentials.”
    • How to take a mental vacation.
  3. Session 3:
    • How to eliminate those pesky squirrels.
    • Common distractions and steps to get rid of them once and for all!
    • All about atmosphere…
    • Accountability solutions.
    • The difference between masterminds, partners, coaches, etc.
    • And so much more!