Authors Guide to Trademark & Right of Publicity

We get a lot of questions about various legal matters relating to being an author or a publisher, so we are continuing our new series on legal matters for authors.

In this training, we cover how trademark works, as well as the Right of Publicity (also known as, referencing real people in our works.)

Because we covered a lot of ground, here are some of the main topics in this training. You can skip right into each topic by clicking on the one that you are interested in:

  • What are Trademarks?
  • 📚 Trademark Classifications
  • 📚 What can authors claim as trademarks?
  • 📚 Is trademark registration necessary?
  • 📚 How to register a trademark
  • 📚 Avoiding trademark hot water
  • 📚 Fair Use of Trademarks
  • 📚 TEAS Standard vs TEAS Plus
  • 📚 Descriptive Fair Use
  • 📚 Trademark Office's Educational Videos
  • 📚 Do you have to register your trademark?
  • What is Right of Publicity?
  • 📚 Hierarchy of Acceptable Uses
  • 📚 Identity Use For Attention
  • 📚 Legitimate Commentary
  • 📚 Clear Use of Fiction
  • 📚 A Short Note on Contracts
  • 📚 Media Kits
  • 📚 Using famous people in your story
  • 📚 Getting permission to use somebody in a work of fiction
  • 📚 State laws governing Right of Publicity
  • 📚 When not receiving permission

Training #488