Training #165 – The Reader Journey

At the 2017 Smarter Artist Summit, David Gaughran got up in front of a few hundred people and laid out the road map for how to take control of a reader's journey through your catalog.

His message came off of managing the backlist for a major author and helped her to make $50,000 in sales in 8 days.

It isn't a complicated system, but it is a very deliberate one, and one that you need to modify and customize for yourself. You need to get away from the sales funnel perspective and instead you need to concentrate on fostering those relationships.

Making a sale is not the end of a reader's journey; it should be just the beginning.

In this training, Blaine distills the essence of David's talk to it's key take-aways. Be sure to check out David's book, Strangers to Superfans, published about a year after this training.