Training #180 – Art Books, Kickstarter, and Overseas Printing with Ryan Pancoast

Once upon a time, I supported a friend when he ran a Kickstarter for an art book that he was producing. Little did I know, I would spend the next few months “reading” his book to my daughter multiple times per day.

Ryan Pancoast is an illustrator who has worked on broadway billboards, created beer labels, designed book covers, and is probably best known for his illustrations of numerous cards for the Magic: The Gathering trading card game.

One Autumn, he took part in “Inktober”, which is the illustrators version of a writer's NaNoWriMo. Those illustrations, where he experimented with a new medium, turned into the first book in his Frontier Fantasy series, a book with minimal text and that was funded through Kickstarter and produced overseas. He also created a sound track to go along with the book, creating a very unique reading experience.

In training #180, Ryan goes over his process at each step of the way, sharing tips and resources for a variety of topics that we've been getting questions about.