Training #267 – Hot Seats & Ask Us Anything

In training #267, we covered hot seat requests from Doree Anderson (Children's/Middle Grade) and Alan Hesse (Children's/Comics), which was getting a second look.

We covered topics ranging from cover design, series branding, metadata (especially series and keywords), book descriptions, category research, mining reviews for feedback, Amazon’s 30/60/90 day cliffs, books that are both fiction & non-fiction, making updates to print books and what can’t be changed because of ISBN, WordCrusher “updates”, launching a series over time instead of all at once, banking books in a series, image optimization, Kindle royalty structures and how delivery fees work, Amazon’s price-matching policies, KKBC, customer reviews and the “helpful reviews” button, as well as leaving reviews on books you have or haven’t purchased, Kindle Unlimited and KDP Select, and the Children’s Book Formula presentation.