Training #272 – A Tour of the New Apex Authors Members Area!

On this week's live training, we took a look through everything that the new website has to offer as well as a quick and rapid-fire demo of how to use all of the Book Rocket System components.

Jay began by walking through each section of the site, and showing off some of the huge improvements over our old site. The old site was pretty great, but after 6 years it not only looked a little dated but it could be difficult to find individual trainings and while the search could get you to the right page, it wouldn't help you wade through 50 hours of training to find what you are looking for. Now, you will be able to search on a specific topic (including your name if you were on a hot seat!) and find anything relevant to what you are curious about.

Blaine then did a quick case study for his book, “New Author Websites”, walking through how to use each of the components of the Book Rocket System and showing where to find further instruction for each of the systems. He also showcased a few of the other software options available here through the website.



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