Training #273 – Hot Seats and Ask Us Anything

On today's hot seats we covered Barbara O'Donnell‘s and Carole St. Laurent‘s children's books, and answered questions from John Rau, Maria Danly, Rosemary Roberts, Catherine Holliss, Jackie Cannon, Sue Becker, Colleen Keown Reichert, N R, Maxine Holmgren, Linda Zallen, and Lee Jackson.

We covered this week's Review Rocket and Research Rocket updates for our Book Rocket System dashboard, using public domain content to create a book, updated training, category choices, maintaining a best-seller status, BookBub Featured Deals, optimizing your subtitle with a little keyword research, market research into comparable titles, adding a free offer to the start of your book to take advantage of the Look Inside browsers, optimizing your book description, how to build landing pages, creating an author page using Author Central, using trademarked names, using keywords in the subtitle and in the metadata, using camel case for your title and subtitle, when to use a pen name and when to stick with a real name (or a “real” pen name), changing your name on a book listing after the fact, reducing the book's file size by optimizing the images, determining target page counts for your book series, how to launch a book series, how we use our mailing lists for our book series, copyright (and table of contents) placement at the front versus the back of the book, replacing a cover in KDP, recording audiobooks and whether to hire somebody or produce it yourself, and software to use for creating a print ready PDF.