Training #275 – Hot Seats and Ask Us Anything

In this week's live training, we covered hot seats from Terri & Toby Beavers' children's book, Karie Alton‘s non-fiction/self-help, and Sherry Hamby‘s children's book.

We also answered questions from Jacqueline Cannon, Rosemary Roberts, Suzanne Sukhram-Farmer, Ronald Hagberg, and Eucabeth Akoth.

We covered topics that include optimizing images such as including a bleed for print and reducing the file size for Kindle versions, what offers you make to get people on your mailing list and how to create the links to sign up, whether you should wait to publish your book until a free offer is available or should publish it right away, whether Amazon will optimize your images for you, optimizing the subtitle for your book, the “Rule of ‘3's”, finding comparable titles, using an active verb in the subtitle of your non-fiction book, creating professional looking cover images, pen name choices, utilizing personal hooks to brand your book, gathering reviews for social proof, calling out your audience in a children's book subtitle, choosing a narrow age range for early reader books, categories with keyword requirements, getting reviews for your book, print pricing strategies, acknowledging the story of young co-authors, formatting your description, adding a call to action at the end of your book description, word counts for chapter books aimed at middle-grade readers, how to consider who is reading a book, who is purchasing a book, how to determine the price to set for print and kindle books, whether you should use a 99 cent price point (and when), and encouraging reviews on new books.