Training #276 – Writing and Productivity with Jason Brick

Jason came on to talk about writing and productivity on this week's training.

Writing is a skill, and as you improve you will write faster and be more productive, so practice is key.

Some tips that he suggested include outlining at night, shutting the door to maintain a separation between work and non-work life, setting social media windows to avoid having your time disappear, writing like an excited 9-year-old, shifting media (laptop instead of desktop, long hand or dictation instead of typing, etc.), writing in the morning when your creativity is freshest and there are fewer constraints on your time, work on one book at a time, plus a really cool Jedi Mind Trick to get yourself into the mode immediately in your next writing session. (I'll admit, I don't do that as often as I want to, but have never regretted it every time I have worked that way!)

We also had a pretty interesting conversation before the webinar started, all about pen names (pseudonyms) and managing them in KDP and Author Central, so we split that into a bonus video…just click on the button below to watch that.