Training #277 – Hot Seats & Ask Us Anything

Today we covered hot seats for Jacqueline Cannon‘s non-fiction writing prompts book and Chanise Littlefield‘s children's book, as well as taking a second look at John Cox‘s non-fiction self-help book.

We also answered questions from Carolyn Drew, Jennifer Rush, and Ken Baumel.

We covered topics including matching your cover to genre expectations, researching similar books, title design on the cover, meeting genre expectations with the content of your book, how to sell “Writing Prompts” books (specifically) and non-fiction books (in general), determining the age range for children's books, how to show more of your book in the Look Inside preview of your book, keyword research, price testing, copywriting and subtitles, modeling best-selling books for inspiration, when to send advanced review copies of your book (before or after publication), delivering reader magnets for people who sign up to your list, setting up a starter MailChimp autoresponder, and collecting emails to your own list.