Training #279 – Hot Seats and Ask Us Anything

This week we did 1 hot seat for Carolyn Drew‘s children's book, and we also answered questions from Susan Cooper, David R Christensen, Carole St-Laurent, and Mary Mclane.

We covered topics that include which format to publish first (Kindle, Paperback, or both), title optimization, borders on a cover image, trim size and dimensions for children's books, format and typesetting for print versus Kindle versions for children's books, optimizing book descriptions, pricing vs page counts for chapter vs children's books, formatting book descriptions (including basic HTML or using Author Central), including a website link in your book description, setting country-specific pricing for each Amazon store, adding a call to action to get people on your mailing list so you can tell them about the next book in a series, holding a contest as a lead generator (such as “name a character in the next book in series” contest), adding affiliate links to your books and whether you should and how to promote them, basics of book branding, utilizing illustrators, and when to edit colors and lettering on covers.