Training #283 – Hot Seats & Ask Us Anything

On this week's live training, we did hot seats for books by Nancy Fox's husband, including a journal/coloring book and a series on the history of various sports. We also answered questions from Susy Wise-Author, Simi Simrret Khanna, Linda Crowley, Susanne Schapp-Valla, Carolyn Drew, Debra Ayers Brown, and Carol Brusegar.

We covered topics including some Book Keyword Rocket updates, proofreading your title and description for typos, marketing journals and coloring books, the importance of getting reviews after your book is published and that they don't require a purchase ahead of time, selling books locally, creating an author profile page in Author Central, marketing books as a series, branding books, rewriting title & subtitles, republishing books with a new ISBN, moving reviews over to new editions, determining the viability of a niche, analyzing bestseller rank in a category bestseller list to see how many copies are being sold and how competitive a category is, using the Bestseller Mindmap and the Book Research Rocket to make it easier to analyze bestseller lists, scoring a #1 bestseller, choosing categories to put your book in, how to get additional categories on top of the 2 you can choose by contacting support and by looking into categories with keyword requirements, where to use keywords that you've collected, Amazon Advertising, search box research, printing through Ingram Spark to reach bookstores, using Amazon Giveaways to find reviewers, and selling your book to publishers.