Training #285 – Hot Seats

On this training, we covered hot seats for Patrinka Crammond's children's book, Susanne Valla and her daughter Tiffany's non-fiction/spiritual growth/children's book, Linda's cat photos for a potential journal or children's book, Nathan Right's children's humor book, and Danielle Nieman's children's book cover.

We had a lot of submissions today, and it seemed they were all on a theme!

We also answered questions from Audrey Bruckner, Sharon Sayler, and Carole St-Laurent.

We covered topics including how to choose a subtitle, genre-specific cover design tropes, book descriptions, ranking in additional categories by using specific keywords in your metadata, the process for choosing categories, targeting a specific reader demographic and being more specific rather than less specific, testing prices, claiming your books in Author Central (and regaining some creative control when your book has a different publisher), adding all editions of your books, how to use photographs to create journals or children's books, using filters to turn photographs into illustrations for a children's book, determining the age for an ideal reader, improving readability, limiting the number of fonts on your cover, free offers for mailing list conversions for illustrated children's books (specifically, offering coloring pages instead of a 90 second MP3 file), identifying fonts, cover design concepts such as clutter and title layout, reclaiming the rights from a publisher and keeping reviews when you republish a book, how to deliver files to mailing list signups, and how to create second editions of a book on Amazon.