Training #286 – Market Research with Keri Barnum

The difference between a book and a book that SELLS is often planning and research. It’s not enough to have a creative story, beautiful illustrations or even a finished product up on Amazon. In order to compete in todays market, especially as a indie author, you must begin the publishing process with the end in mind. Today Keri Barnum explored what questions to ask yourself before publishing in order to create a book that is not only professional, but profitable.

The topics that Keri covers include:

  • Current Trends (bestseller lists, upcoming titles, cover styles, etc.)
  • Industry Standards (common book elements, trim sizes, design, etc.)
  • Your Market (readers, buyers, retailers, pricing, etc.)
  • Your Goals (building a name, attracting clients, making a profit, etc.)
  • Your Budget (tools, resources, expenses, etc.)
  • Launching Your Book (publication date, reviews, launch plan, etc.)