Training #289 – Hot Seats

On this week's training we spent a lot of time going over creating a marketing plan around a book with Scott Pribyl's Health/Fitness/Memoir books and did a hot seat for Audrey Bruckner's spiritual fiction/children's book. We also answered a few questions from Susanne Schapp-Valla, Barbara Mirell, and Linda Zallen.

We covered topics including cover images for non-fiction (specifically, using an author photo), choosing the best title and subtitle to make book sales, improved copywriting in titles and descriptions, updating old covers, branding titles within a series, when new ISBNs are required, replacing unnecessary front matter with a free offer and moving other front matter to the end of the book to optimize the Look Inside content, how to organize your free offer, creating a course using the same content that appears in your books, boosting your visibility with your Amazon Ads, promoting your book with BookBub, book tours on the podcasting circuit, how to find podcasts in your niche or genre, a great resource on podcasting from The Creative Penn, getting your Look Inside to populate on your listing page, working with pen names and marketing erotica, selling with short stories on Amazon, choosing a specific market to promote your book to, branding your book for that audience, marketing your books to school systems, finding keywords relevant to your book, implementing keywords as part of a subtitle, choosing appropriate categories, and basic category research.