Training #291 – Hot Seats and Paint by Numbers

In this training, we started out by demoing some new software in the members area for creating Paint by Numbers coloring pages from your book's illustrations.

During our hot seats, we covered Jess E. Hooper's recipe book, Marsha Means' non-fiction/health workbook, and Linda Nathan's genre/christian sci-fi novel. We also answered questions from Loretta Cowles, Nancy Fox, and Diana Johnson.

We covered topics including free giveaways from your books, adding links to your “Look Inside” for your books, choosing the right title and subtitle to take advantage of Amazon searches, modeling best selling book covers, getting reviews before spending a lot on advertising, testing different covers and titles, adding a paperback, cover layout styles (such as abstract, photographs, author branding, etc.), selling Kindle versions of workbooks, adding a descriptive subtitle that calls out your ideal reader, basic keyword research for book categorization, creating an author page, branding your series together, Facebook Ads versus Amazon Ads, and different types of ads and how we pay for them (CPM/Cost Per Thousand versus CPC/Cost Per Click).