Training #293 – Hot Seats and Ask Us Anything

In training 293, we started out by showcasing the new Expert Media Show trainings from Tony Laidig that we'll be adding to the members area over the next few months, and gave an update about our initial testing of UK Amazon Ads.

We did hot seats for Jakob Merchant's non-fiction (religion & spirituality) book and Elke Scheurmann's children's book, and we also answered questions from Angel Robinson, Carolyn Drew, and Lindsay Harvey.

We covered topics including getting reviews on new releases, cover design, grammar relating to titles and subtitles, choosing an appropriate subtitle to encourage sales and marketability, adding a paperback version of your book once you have your title dialed in, modeling comparable titles, promoting your book with Ads and BookBub, print versus Kindle book sales during the Christmas and Holiday season, splitting royalties with a non-profit or charity when you make sales, finding reviewers using the Review Rocket, how to deliver review copies of books to people, how to model the bestselling books in your niche or genre to determine how best to organize your book, researching the 1 star reviews of books in your niche to see where there is a gap that you can fill, using the review rocket to research those 1 star reviews, finding an editor, branding a series of books with your covers, choosing terms that your target demographic would use, adjusting the pricing on your book, updating paperback covers when you update the Kindle cover, selling the same book in multiple trim sizes, and getting BookBub to accept your book as a featured deal.

On the topic of getting a featured deal from BookBub, Blaine mentioned that they did a presentation at one of the Smarter Artist Summits. We looked through, and you can find his summary of that presentation starting about 29 minutes into Training #209 (The 2018 SAS). You can also download his handwritten notes from that presentation right on that page; they are on pages 28 through 36.