Training #304 – Hot Seats and Ask us Anything

In this Hot Seats and Ask Us Anything training, Erin filled in for Jay while he was traveling as we answered a combination of questions and hot seats from our queue and from our live attendees.

Specifically, this week we covered:

  • Michael Donovan's question on project management
  • Mark Thompson's question about market research and a lack of similar titles
  • A hot seat for James Pace's children's book
  • A hot seat for Frisis Leon's children's book
  • Adding audio into a Kindle eBook and reading audiobooks with your kids in the car
  • Phillips Williams question about split testing potential book titles
  • Linda Rocco's question about adding a child's name directly into a customized book
  • Rosalie Holloway's hot seat for her non-fiction/children's education book cover.