Training #305 – Hot Seats and Ask Us Anything

In this training, we covered hot seats and answered questions, covering a variety of topics:

  • Joe Carrico's question about when to launch a seasonal book that's based on a Christmas story
  • Eugene Cha's question about how to choose an image size for your illustrator
  • Richard Pearlman's question about writing and publishing a book and training on such
  • Christina Leone's question about the best software for compressing images
  • A hot seat for Pamela Cotton's Non-Fiction/Self-Help book
  • Beth Mast's question about how complicated to make illustrations for children's books at different ages
  • Linda Melnick's question about publishing exclusively to KDP
  • Jane Buttery's question about formatting your print books for Kindle
  • James Pace's question about selling journals
  • Lynn Jordan's question about matte or glossy finish for print covers
  • Theresa Richardson's question about determining what age to write and market a book towards
  • Joe Carrico's question about the number of illustrations to use in a book